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Cancellation of Sailings

"If a sailing arranged by Aarhus Sail Event is canceled, you will ALWAYS be notified either via email or by phone.

If you are unsure whether your sailing will take place, we ask you to check your email/spam inbox. If you have not heard anything, you can expect your sailing to proceed.

Reasons for Cancellation:

  1. Weather and Wind: Strong east winds may lead to the cancellation of a sailing. However, sometimes we may sail even in windy conditions if the wind is coming from the west, south, or north, as there may still be opportunities for sailing.

  2. Damage to the Vessel: Occasionally, there may be sudden damage or faults on the vessel that prevent us from sailing.

Exchanges and Refunds:

In case of cancellation due to weather or other external circumstances that neither the requester nor the supplier is responsible for, and if the skipper deems it unsafe to proceed with the sailing, we offer alternative sailing arrangements whenever possible, or a refund for the canceled sailing.

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