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Harbour Cruise


Harbour Cruise in Aarhus

Come aboard for a guided sailing tour where you can experience the fantastic view of Aarhus from the waterside.

Onboard, you can purchase wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and more.

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The old Aarhus

We sail past "Old Aarhus," including Toldboden and Aarhus Floating Dock.

These are buildings and industries from the past, which have now transformed into modern commercial buildings and headquarters for parts of the city's business community.


The new Aarhus

We experience the new district of Aarhus Ø, Lighthouse, impressive modern architectural structures, and new forms of living up close.

The entire development, from commercial areas to extensive recreational spaces with associated residential areas, restaurants, and cafes, is showcased during the tour.



Our guides tell the story of modern Aarhus and paint a picture of the city's visions.

The narratives are spiced with anecdotes and experiences gathered from the many guests we have had on board.


Adults                                             kr. 160,-

Children under 12 years             kr.   50,-


The sailing trip lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes

Meeting point

Havnepladsen, 8000 Aarhus - see on the map Behind the Endless Connection fountain

The ships

M/S TUNØ is a culturally significant ship from 1965. It is the last wooden ferry built in Denmark.

M/S HELENE is a tour boat with seating for 85 guests on board, featuring two enclosed decks and the option to go outside during the trip.

Additional information

Payment methods on the ship:

Cash or MobilePay

Children aged ≤ 3 years sail for free, but a ticket is required, which can be obtained through the ticketing website.

Companion Card:

We accept companion cards. Please contact us, and we will provide a ticket.


Dogs are allowed on board as long as they are on a leash, and you have full control over them.


It is possible to bring strollers and prams without any additional charge.


Bicycles are not allowed on harbor cruises.


There is a toilet on board. M/S TUNØ: Not wheelchair accessible.

M/S HELENE is wheelchair accessible.


If the skipper deems the weather conditions too severe, the sailing will be canceled or suspended, and tickets will be refunded or exchanged.

Life Jackets:

Life jackets are available on board for everyone but should only be worn if the skipper deems it necessary.

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